There are many reasons why people still trust community radio and one of these reasons, at least in other countries, are the laws surrounding the broadcasting model. Basically, in order to be classified as community radio, they would need to fulfil certain requirements as laid down by the laws of the respective countries or regions where the station is operating.

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It’s not like running a blog talking about Amsterdam Canal Tour offers and neither massive targeted traffic guaranteed for those who follow tips from the internet. There are actual legal considerations and ramifications to running a community radio station. As a result, any violation of these laws would also lead to certain consequences, the severity of which would depend on where it was committed.



The laws surrounding community radio differs from country to country, with some focusing more on other aspects than others. However, it’s always worth pointing out that there are always similarities and Libel is one that almost always on the books. It’s simply far too easy to say anything over the radio about anyone, although not as easy as it would be through the internet.

In any case, a community radio operator is not allowed to slander, defame, or say anything about anyone that could hurt their reputation with accusations that are not based on fact that can then be proven. Even then, unless official confirmation has been made by the authorities, operators are still requires to used qualifiers such as “allegedly” or “reportedly” before saying anything.

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Political or Corporate Bias


Some countries also have very stringent laws against operation stations that are classified community radio if there is an obvious or even subtle political bias in the reporting of information. The same goes for stations that seem to push certain corporate interests for specific companies or industries.

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Misrepresenting The Truth

Lying is a huge offense in the broadcasting world and there are few places where this is more offensive than in community radio. Serving the public good is about always striving for truth and accuracy, and deliberately misrepresenting information is the opposite of that.


Operating For Financial Gain

Finally, intentionally operating a community radio for direct financial gain in whatever manner other than what’s approved by the community or under the law can come with hefty penalties. Like sometimes mobile app can be tricky for Lazada voucher code and can cause legal problems too. Aside from losing one’s license to operate, depending on the country, there could be huge fines or even jail time involved. Not exactly something worth risking over a Discount ad offer or something.